Services : Airport Maintenance Equipments

The basis of airport operation and maintenance services is thorough knowledge of the details and functions of the physical facilities, such as runways, taxiways, aprons, terminals, other buildings, equipment, utilities, etc. To provide operational and maintenance services in connection with airports, thorough knowledge of all details in an airport is required. TORBAY has gained substantial knowledge of airport operations and maintenance during our many years of airport consultancy and co-operation with partners who specialise in airport operations.
We provide the full spectrum of maintenance services needed to help keep an airport running smoothly and create a safe, healthy environment for travellers, staff and visitors. Working with airport managers, TORBAY will create an integrated, year-round janitorial strategy. A thorough preventive program offers additional safeguards and savings.
TORBAY have assisted airport authorities in establishing specific manuals and local regulations such as general operation and safety manuals, manuals for the runway use in case of failures of different equipment or accidents as well as the development of software for gate selection and simulation of aircraft movements. TORBAY has carried out studies of various operational aspects. Furthermore, in close cooperation with our partners, we have established an operational framework and procurement philosophy and a strategy for operations and maintenance procurement.
Your travelers may not always notice our cleaning teams working hard across the airport, but they will certainly notice their gleaming work. Our subtlety, however, doesn’t mean we’re any less meticulous about how we look. If anything, we take great pride in our appearance and that of our maintenance equipment. We understand that we are representatives of your facility. Should a traveler have a question or a need, we’re always willing to step up. That’s why every aspect of our intense training also includes customer service techniques.
The clean and polished look of an airport raises traveller confidence and presents an unforgettable impression to visitors from home and abroad. Exterior and interior, an airport is part of a city’s lasting impression. Bee-Clean understands the complexity of the airport environment, its security and regulations, its public and private spaces and its need for rapid response and absolute consistency in cleaning and maintenance. Pavement maintenance and rehabilitation have been planned in great detail and co-ordinated with other activities to ensure that the total work programme can be implemented with a minimum of operational restrictions. Detailed plans showing displaced thresholds and closed areas have been produced forming a part of such detailed planning.
Our team is also always ready to respond to emergencies and immediate needs. All our systems are also customized to meet the demands of the clients, without interrupting their essential functions. Our systems are also designed to work with ever-changing passenger loads. From downtime to full-capacity holiday seasons, the one thing that doesn’t fluctuate is our level of service.
TORBAY staffs are specially trained and enhanced security-cleared, well-versed in the best work practices and regulatory standards specific to the airport environment. We work in terminals, arrival and departure areas, private clubs, public restrooms, cargo areas, gates, food courts and retail areas, hangars, ramps, operations and customs areas, flight towers and other areas specific to the size and function of the airport. Meeting and exceeding industry standards, TORBAY pays attention to the big picture and the smallest detail, offering our clients peace of mind and confidence that the airport environment is being cleaned and maintained at the highest and best level.