Services : Chemicals

TORBAY offer a wide range of products that are reputed for their superior methods of formulations, which is carried out under highly guarded conditions, by our associate manufacturers. The products we offer are conducive for a range of other industries like pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, glass chemicals, optical Brightener, textile industries, paints & coating industries, cosmetic industries etc.
TORBAY are suppliers of variety of chemicals including Phenol, Melamine, Hexamine, Potassium Carbonate, Hydrazine Hydrate, Morpholine, Sodium Benzoate, Dimethyl Formamide, Trichloroethylene, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate, TG Urea and other chemicals. TORBAY provides the chemicals for the manufacture of products that range from commodities to resins and advanced pharmaceutical preparations. While construction has become a part of almost every industry or factory in the world, we at TORBAY tend to go ahead by supplying various Construction Chemicals that are helpful in the process of constructions. Some of our products include Plasticizer, Plasticizer with Retarding Effects, Integral Water Proofer, Plasticizer for Mortar, Di-Potassium Phosphate, etc.
Along with providing quality products, we also facilitate customized services like packaging, transportation and documentation of our industrial chemicals like agrochemicals, glass chemicals. We ensure safe voyage of the products through optimum packaging facility. Owing to our associations with reputed C&F agents, we are able to provide transportation of the products at any part of the world. The products to be delivered are supervised right through the stage of dispatch and till it reaches the desired destination. Moreover to ensure transparency in transactions we take special care in recording important documents. Each and every relevant information is recorded while documentation, with proof for the convenience of the clients.
Over the years we have established a strong vendor base and networking with various service providers, which enables us to provide customized services at industry competitive prices. We administer relations with manufacturers who would assist us in enhancing our customer responsiveness, which in turn capacitates us to provide products in compliance with customer specifications. To score an edge over others, We initiates comprehensive understanding of international market as well as the domestic market. This assists us in understanding the current demands of the market. Besides, We undertakes regular appraisals of operation techniques, to highlight the possible areas of improvement.
An integral part of our operations is the quality control department that undertakes assessment of procured products. The products are checked for the minutest discrepancy in specification, for safety reasons. In the pursuit to ensure customer satisfaction, we shortlist the most prestigious manufacturer to source the products. To make certain that at none of the stages, the quality quotient is compromised, our procurement & purchasing officers undertake detailed understanding of their manufacturing process. Our manufacturing associates are reputed in the industry, thus they ensure that the best raw material is procured for the products. After the receipt of products, they are further subjected to tests and assessments to empower quality reliability.
These departments in assistance with each other ensure that the best quality products are delivered to our clients. Besides ensuring quality at the operational level, we also maintain effective communication standards with our clients. The technical supporters update our websites regularly to ensure transparent and smooth communication.
We value our partnerships with both suppliers and customers. TORBAY prides itself on building lasting relationships that invariably prove beneficial to both suppliers and customers, whatever the market. Over the years, we've proven this with an ever-expanding pool of worldwide contacts which translates into all-around better sourcing and more competitive pricing.