Services : Commissioning and Start-up Services

Commissioning and start-up is the final step before production runs in a processing plant. TORBAY is uniquely poised to perform commissioning and start-up and the accompanying trouble-shooting and problem-solving activities, whether as part of a design/build project or as a final step in an ongoing project. Our local technicians are available to facilitate vital startup tasks associated with new or reconstructed plants or processes. We take careful measures to help you meet your requirements for quality control in the commissioning process. This is especially important on your most critical valves.
TORBAY provides specialized expertise and quality management to perform startup and commissioning activities. Our specialists employ high safety standards to ensure that both assets and personnel are protected, enabling your launch to be a complete success. Our services are tailored to meet your plant or process needs, designed to control costs and meet schedule. Drawing on our considerable database of lessons-learned and best practices, we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in achieving a safe, on time, and cost-effective plant startup.
Because of our extensive capabilities and sensitivity to clients’ needs, TORBAY is able to tailor its services to facilitate the commissioning of any power plant during any project phase. We offer a broad range of both front-end and on-site services. TORBAY has been involved in commissioning and start up of field and plant facilities, wells and pipelines.
TORBAY played a key role for many for the commissioning and start up of unrelated operations. We certainly have past experience and have the expertise to do so in house. On rare occasions, if we do not have experience, our pool of operators will. When you review the start up experience of over operators, you will certainly find almost any expertise as well as the ability to quickly become fluent and effective in any process or facility. Answering the question is the easy part, and then the process of working on flexible options and assembling the best team for the challenge begins.