Services : Factories, Machineries Installations

TORBAY offers an Installation Service to fulfil a requirement enabling the Company as a whole to offer a more comprehensive service for industry. TORBAY are specialists in the transportation, installation, removal, lifting and storage of industrial plant and machines. TORBAY have developed an unrivalled reputation for quality of service and a relentless dedication for complete customer satisfaction. The company is multi-industry active and operates overseas, offering an extensive variety of transport, lifting and engineering services with the support of a passionate and fully committed project management team.
Our Installation department specialises in the installation of all types of machinery, plant and equipment from a single machine to complete factory relocation. Utilising our experienced and highly skilled personnel we provide a flexible and efficient service, working to strict timescales to meet customer production requirements. Working closely using a comprehensive fleet of modern mobile cranes, including our mini-crawler cranes, industrial Pick-and-Carry cranes, Self-Erecting tower cranes and in addition a comprehensive range of gantry cranes, skates, winches, hydraulic jacking systems and associated equipment.
Successful project completion is achieved through the utilisation of our wide range of heavy lifting equipment which includes lorry mounted cranes, Versa lifts, Megalift jacking system and lift trucks. Through recent investment we have been able to enhance our fleet resources and warehousing space to ensure that our continually evolving company remains at the forefront of the machinery logistics market. From single machine installations to an entire factory removal, you can rest assured that with TORBAY, you will receive a superior service.
We have very skilled and experienced experts and all the necessary instruments for installation. Our levers are suitable for modern industrial synthetic resin surfaces. We are the most well-equipped installing firm in the area. We own our vehicles and are free to organise transports and all the external work of our maintenance and machinery installation experts. We also undertake the filtering and refilling of lubricants within equipment together with on-the-spot cleaning: in this way we carry out a machinery installation process fully satisfying complex environmental protection considerations.