Services : Grassroots Facilities and Revamps

TORBAY with its high-tech tools is specialized in designing on a fast track basis entire grassroots facilities or efficiently design and schedule revamps by implementing laser scanning tools. These services are complemented by our unique process and mechanical staff expertise that becomes relevant in revamps and retrofits to minimize interruptions while offering the benefits of improved process steps, more energy efficient and safer equipment.

TORBAY delivers an array of engineering projects from revamp of existing facilities to large-scale grassroots initiatives across the globe. Look at TORBAY's revamp facility design experience and you will see our track record of improving our clients' facilities to increase plant capacity and utilization, reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, and meet stringent environmental and emission standards. When it comes to grassroots facilities, TORBAY has designed and built many of the large and innovative plants around the world.

TORBAY delivers innovative world-class grassroots facilities and revamps on time and under budget by utilizing our seasoned teams' unmatched experience.