Services : Heavy Transport


We engineer the move, identify the best-suited equipment, and manage all the logistics and jurisdictional-load restrictions. We've worked closely with authorities from numerous states, countries, continents and large metro areas to allow for routing of equipment through major thoroughfares in congested urban areas to achieve the shortest possible execution time. Every location in our worldwide network also offers secure storage.
Regardless of the terrain, TORBAY has the experience and equipment to devise the best solution for transporting a large variety of structures, materials, and equipment. TORBAY is equipped to handle heavy loads over public roadways, waterways, or through congested work zones using specialized trailers and other transport systems. Powerful vehicles are required to pull trailers. TORBAY's stock has the right truck for every job. In addition to its own equipment, TORBAY has at its disposal a diverse array of equipment from its broad partner network.
TORBAY special and heavy transport services are tailored individually for each customer. TORBAY’s experts help the customer to plan their project and optimise the transport item sizes often long before a transport agreement has been made. During tender calculation, we select the best suited vehicle for transport, plan the route and create a preliminary schedule for the transport. All this has an effect on the transport price. Proper planning can genererate considerable cost savings for the customer.
TORBAY provides heavy-haul logistics and transportation services for the construction, mining, and agriculture equipment markets. We have been discovering and serving the needs of the construction industry from time to time. TORBAY has a staff of extensively trained and experienced personnel. We take a personal interest in providing the excellent service that is our trademark within the industry. The philosophy of our company is honesty first and foremost; honesty with our customers, suppliers and employees.