Services : Human Resource Planning & Management


Human Resource Planning & management is the processes related to ensuring that organizations have the human capital capacity necessary to achieve their goals and effectively deliver results now and in the future. Planning for future human capital needs through succession planning is often linked to strategic planning and staff planning.
Human Resource Planning & Management is more important than ever. With an aging workforce and the approaching mass retirement one part of succession planning includes the need to capture and pass on the expertise, judgment, and insight of senior leaders before they retire. The second aspect of succession planning relates to the identification of employees within the organization who have the potential to move into leadership positions.
We at TORBAY, specialize in:
Complete and Comprehensive Human Resource Management and Services
The Design and Management of Cost-Effective Benefits Programs
Pro-active Legal Compliance with all State and Federal Regulations
Full, efficient and time-saving Payroll Management
Talent Management and Career Path Development
Team Development and Motivation
Improving Your Organization’s Communications and Team Spirit
Cost Reduction and Profit Margin Improvement in your Human Resources functions