Procurement : Inspection Services

TORBAY offers you unrivaled experience and expertise, the latest technologies and a unique global network. As a result, we provide you with the highest standards of quality and integrity – anywhere in the world.

Our inspection programs allow you to develop products that consistently meet the high standards you expect. We can also help you comply with the complex regulatory requirements of health, safety and the environment across different regions and markets.

TORBAY inspection services help you to highlight defects as early as possible, so that you can make changes where necessary and avoid the cost of disruptions in the production or supply of your products. This means that you reduce the risk of product recalls or other issues that could damage your profits as well as your long-term brand integrity.
TORBAY can conduct inspections at any stage of production and throughout the supply chain. Our inspectors can do on-site mechanical tests on samples. TORBAY follows an internationally accepted standard for inspections. When it comes to inspecting, TORBAY has an international reputation for first-class service delivery. There is no better partner to meet your inspection needs.