Services : Job Order Contracting

TORBAY's Job Order Contracting is a method of managing multiple details of renovation, rehabilitation, repair and other construction projects on a predetermined set of pricing and standards. By using our JOC, customers take advantage of a simplified process that is fast and responsive to their needs while providing excellent quality in construction. A fast-track delivery method, Job Order Contracting enables our clients to quickly and cost-efficiently get a wide variety of projects completed through a single multi-year, competitively bid contract that is awarded based on performance and price.
TORBAY offers a full range of project management services to prepare organizations for JOC delivery methods. We have vast JOC experience that is unmatched in the industry. Most contractors have never done JOC and don’t have the foundation to understand or handle JOC’s complexities, which include bidding/pricing for thousands of units, and managing multiple, simultaneous projects. Users can create detailed JOC estimates quickly, and also includes the ability to prepare a technical evaluation of the contractor’s price proposal vs. internally generated estimates. Multiple coefficients are easily handled, and multiple drawing formats.
TORBAY's Job Order Contracting provides a convenient way for government funded agencies and organizations to purchase hassle free professional construction services. JOC enables an indefinite number of task orders to be issued against a single master contract. You get firm price quotes, work starts right away, projects are completed on schedule and you get excellent results. We help facility departments save time, effort and money completing repair, remodeling and renovation projects.

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