Procurement : Logistics Optimization & Management

Be it slabs, heavy plate, billets, coils or other products -TORBAY Logistics optimizes product stocks, supports the improved utilization of existing warehouse capacities, optimizes all internal transports at both ends of production facilities, and makes decisions for the optimum use of the means of transport available in each case.

TORBAY Logistics covers the following areas :
• Stock management
• Management of transport and driving orders
• Transport optimization for the material supply and removal to/from the lines
• Shipping
• Optimization of external transports to customers and service center


Operations Manager for Rolling Walzen/ Pretreatment Strip Production The user guidance in TORBAY is consistently aligned to the logistic processes in metals production. The presentation of yards and materials can be shown optionally in two or three dimensions. The realistic graphics combined with the optimization methods of TORBAY result in transparent processes and faster workflows in production and logistics.