Services : Major Construction

One of the biggest challenges during a major construction is getting workers and goods to the right place at the right time. With optimum planning and the right combination of people flow solutions, builders can save hundreds of man-hours every day, and weeks or even months on every major project. TORBAY's Major Construction Services save time at every stage of the construction process.
TORBAY site planning services ensure the optimum combination of solutions at each stage. TORBAY’s certified construction managers guarantee smooth coordination between all parties. The TORBAY project management team has been proven in projects worldwide.
As a result of TORBAY’s unique and latest installation methods, installation is faster, safer and more efficient. TORBAY ensures optimum availability throughout the construction, ensuring the construction's performance and safety, and decreasing downtime. The requirements of every construction site are unique, so TORBAY develops a unique maintenance plan for each project.
TORBAY ensures that the project will be in perfect condition at handover. TORBAY technicians perform the final inspection, and then the TORBAY personnel meet with the builder’s representatives to go through the documentation and practices that will help keep the project in perfect condition. Once the project has been installed, the TORBAY quality experts evaluate the performance, ensuring that all requirements have been met.