Services : Construction Management

Construction Projects need to be carefully controlled. The demands of ever-tighter programmes coupled with increasing legislation and shortages of skilled resource make construction projects high-risk ventures. TORBAY can bring value to construction projects by providing an experienced engineering resource to manage the programme, costs and most importantly construction safety management on site. We provide advice from early feasibility stage that will manage construction safety and efficiency. Putting together health and safety plans, providing workplace training, auditing, behaviour change programmes. We can manage time and cost. We can provide our HAZards of CONstruction which is a rigorous health and safety management planning process.
TORBAY offers a wide range of support services for proactively managing multiple inter-related projects (programs) as well as standalone projects. We ensure projects are delivered successfully by managing solutions during all stages and fulfilling time, cost, quality and safety requirements. Our services can greatly reduce the uncertainty and risk inherent in construction and capital intensive projects. We help clients to successfully execute and complete all phases of the construction process; from conceptual design to commissioning and closeout, including cost and budget controls, schedule management, contract administration, progress monitoring, reporting and management of subcontractors.
TORBAY's Construction Management includes functionality to manage and track project status. Users can communicate and manage information from supply to installation. This solution is available as an add-on module in addition to a stand-alone software configuration. Since building information consists of both business and process information, this configuration offers more than just reviewing project data created by others. Customized views allow the user to create and change information attached to building objects. Project history can be accessed and presented graphically or in text format. Data can be highlighted so that problem areas are easier to identify.
TORBAY's consultancy team accurately identifies potential problems and the appropriate procurement route and then advise the correct contract strategy to confirm that the project achieves or exceeds the intended objectives. We work closely with our clients to make sure that the correct decisions are made at the correct time and implemented to the benefit of the project and its stakeholders. Construction management and monitoring of site activities has been one of the core competencies of TORBAY and it has extensive specialised experience in this field. Over the years the organisation has gained specialised expertise in detailed supervision. The services include Construction Monitoring & Co-ordination, Assistance in Procurement service for civil/ structural/ equipment erection work, Co-ordination amongst Client and contractors working at site and Site supervision.
TORBAY have a long track record of success and can deliver the full construction management project; from the conceptual stage through to final handover. We can work with existing procedures or bring our own. Our engineers have operational heritage, previously working as Construction Managers for operating companies, so understand the demands of operating environment, particularly around live plant.

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