Services : Segmented Construction

TORBAY provides final design and construction engineering services for segmental constructions. We use advanced techniques to analyse and optimize the pier and deviator segment diaphragms for the imposed loadings whilst keeping the segment weight within the lifting capacity of the equipment. As a result, we provide with major benefits from simplified precasting details, thinner sections, rapid erection procedures and improved long-term durability. Throughout the last years, TORBAY have chosen to use the special techniques for the challenging segmental bridge projects. The use of the special kinked overhead Gantry has proven to be very successful.
TORBAY can offer services for both overhead and underslung erection. The design of our advanced equipment has been improved and optimized over the years, based on our wealth of experience from the various projects carried out, leading to the present systems, which is light weight, easy to assemble, practical, supported by internationally known hydraulic and cranage systems and most important, efficient in operation. The gantries can be re-used on other projects, too. Using hinges to go thru curves of as little as 75m, increases the contractor's possibility to re-use the gantry later on, almost independently of the next project's radii.
After TORBAY entered the segmental market, expressions like "glue-as-you-go" and "turnaround" have been well recognised world-wide as cost & timesaving solutions for erecting segmental constructions. The implementation of latest techniques has proven successful. This is applicable for both overhead and underslung gantries, and for both span-by-span and balanced -cantilever erection methods.