Services : Special Facility Services


For the special facilities, TORBAY also offers special facility services. Besides the standard services, Special Facility Services also provide many additional services. Our integrated facilities services approach lets you leverage a variety of services, including the operational excellence of our HVAC and mechanical maintenance, Cleaning Services backed by Management expertise from our Specialized Team.
Facility Services is the central control unit for numerous activities related to the continuous operation and maintenance of the campus and its buildings. The telephone system and postal services, the printing shop, the vehicle fleet and maintenance workers are all managed by this department; furthermore, it coordinates external services (e.g. security and cleaning). Customers find difficult to manage multiple outsourced service providers thereby reducing their control on service standards and cost. To face these challenges, CLR offers you total Facility management for your Building with a commitment to a continuing improvement process.
TORBAY offers the flexibility necessary to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer. This comprehensive approach to Facilities services provides the resources required for recurring, long-term, special event, and even emergency requirements of our clients.
Outsource one maintenance service, or outsource many to take advantage of our value-added services. We continuously optimise the entire scope of service you entrusted to us through pooled resources, procurement management, functional and versatile teams and our capacity for synergies between tasks.