Services : Water & Waste Management


Satisfactory disposal of wastewater, whether by surface, subsurface methods or dilution, is dependent on its treatment prior to disposal. Adequate treatment is necessary to prevent contamination of receiving waters to a degree which might interfere with their best or intended use, whether it be for water supply, recreation, or any other required purpose.
TORBAY has been delivering sustainable solutions for industry in all facets of water and waste management. TORBAY make water and wastewater management efficient, productive, and green from the smallest pumping station to the most complex treatment plant. Our solutions can save up to 30% in operating and design costs. We deliver our energy management expertise worldwide, in every country, and our solutions comply with international regulations. We recognise that wastewater management is a cost, but contribution of environmental, social and economic aspects of the business will enable payback.
Our experienced team works with you to assess and manage water and waste in industrial applications. We understand the increasing need to improve process and waste management, and work with you to develop site specific solutions that are practical. We offer a consultancy that provides a full spectrum of services including operational troubleshooting and optimisation, design, analysis and reporting, augmentation specifications and project management of upgrades. With comprehensive in-house experience in chemistry, biology, hydraulics, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, materials handling, plant layout design and risk assessment, TORBAY has the skills to tailor solutions that will achieve the best outcome for you.
TORBAY provides comprehensive services in the supply of water to both industrial and domestic customers. Our range of services cover operations & maintenance of the entire water cycle from intake to treatment, conveyance and distribution. We integrate this service with capabilities such as asset management activities, GIS, billing, collection and Non Revenue Water reduction programmes.

Water cycle management, including water use minimisation and recycling of effluent for industrial applications
Treatment technology design, incorporating physical / chemical, biological treatment, natural process, membranes, disinfection
Residuals management, including stabilisation and dewatering, hazardous wastes
Environmental, water quality management review and programme development
Waste to energy solutions
Research and development
Feasibility studies, incorporating investigations, modelling, mass balances
Plant design (civil, mech, elec) and specifications and tender evaluation
Operational troubleshooting, maintenance and commissioning
Project management and EPCM services



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