Services : Hospitality & Catering Products

TORBAY is your one stop Supplier for all your Catering Equipment, Commercial Kitchen Supplies, Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation, Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies and Hardware, Kitchenware, Tableware, Chef Clothing, Chef Knives, Glassware, Bar Supplies, Paper and Packaging, Chemical Supplies and much much more!
TORBAY is one of the leading Hotel catering equipment suppliers in the world. We have been supplying catering equipment to many hospitality and food service industries. Our long list of esteemed clientele ranges from major hotel chains and hospitals to individual restaurants and food outlets. Throughout these years, we have constantly provided expert and individual attention to all our clients, ensuring that they receive the highest standard of service at the most competitive prices.
Quality Catering Equipment in any Hospitality Establishment is crucial to the successful operation of your business. Unwanted downtime can be very costly and this is why our Hospitality staff Continually develop their knowledge of commercial equipment and only sell the trusted brands that are backed by commercial warranties. Our project management strategies are a guarantee of quality, commitment and consistency – from initial planning right through to commissioning and hand-over.
We are equipped with all the latest CAD technology for planning, and a computer driven quotation package, both of which can be altered or amended instantly. This ensures that changes to designs or specifications can be completed without fuss, speedily and efficiently. We provide excellent solutions with tailor-made layout designs and a truly efficient after-sales service and take pride in providing a “personal touch” that ensure that clients enjoy the customer satisfaction they deserve. We represent a broad base of established worldwide manufacturers. All our products comply with international hygiene rules and regulations.
If you require assistance with designing and building, even finding a suitable site Hospitality has development many strong relationships with key suppliers to help get everything moving in the right direction. Outstanding Product Knowledge, Quality Customer Service and of course we offer a "Best Price Guarantee" on all catering equipment.