Services : Solar Energy

We already have a constant power source – the sun. A huge nuclear reactor creating approximately 17,000 times more energy every day than the combined global population needs or uses.
Australia is one of the sunniest countries on earth. Logically Australia should be at the cutting edge of the solar revolution, leading the way both with its technology, incentive and rebate schemes and national uptake of this simple, cost efficient energy source.
Scientists and forward thinking individuals, corporations and governments have been investing enormous resources of time and money into investigating, creating and perfecting both large and small scale energy production by harnessing the sun’s awesome power.
Some of the world’s first solar thermal and photovoltaic power stations have recently started producing clean, green energy for the grid and intelligent individuals right across the global community are embracing solar for their current and future power needs.
The greatest challenge the global solar market faces is scaling up production and distribution of solar energy technology in order to drive the price down to be on a par with traditional fossil fuel sources.
Solar energy can be produced on a distributed basis, called distributed generation, with equipment located on rooftops or on ground-mounted fixtures close to where the energy is used. Large-scale concentrating solar power systems can also produce energy at a central power plant.
There are four ways we harness solar energy: photovoltaic’s (converting light to electricity), heating and cooling systems (solar thermal), concentrating solar power (utility scale), and lighting. Active solar energy systems employ devices that convert the sun's heat or light to another form of energy we use. Passive solar refers to special sitting, design or building materials that take advantage of the sun's position and availability to provide direct heating or lighting. Passive solar also considers the need for shading devices to protect buildings from excessive heat from the sun.