Services : Risk Management

TORBAY business climate is rife with more risk than ever. Fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year and wreaks havoc in the lives of its victims. At the same time, regulatory compliance costs continue to rise rapidly even as the need for capital optimization and preservation grows. Financial institutions need a layered solution that incorporates both advanced software to auto detect and block fraudulent transactions along with expert human intelligence that can monitor suspicious activity and trends to keep systems ahead of the curve. Balancing it all requires an integrated approach.
TORBAY's Risk Management team has the experience in US and European financial regulations to structure cost-efficient, risk-mitigating solutions within, and across geographies.
TORBAY is comprised of analytics and risk management professionals with an unparalleled track record of driving down the costs of fraud. The Risk Management team members are charged with the responsibility of understanding all of the available risk financing vehicles in the marketplace and applying them appropriately to a specific client problem.
Once a program is in place, we have the capability to measure and quantify the financial impact of any risk assumed. TORBAY serves clients in the public and private sector, with an emphasis on professional liability, general liability, and employment liability issues.

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