Services : Villa Constructions & Design

Our construction is tailor-made in style
The layout of the villa is decided in agreement with the buyers. The Residence method of building is a given. The only limitations are the size of the plot and obviously your own budget.
We would advise to include many roof covered outside areas in your plan. In Torbay you will live mostly outdoors instead of indoors.
Basic construction
The basic construction consists of reinforced concrete, anchored 80 centimeters deep in a foundation of volcanic stone.
The walls are made of one-stone thick brick work between the columns. This construction is earthquake proof.
The roof construction of massive hardwood will carry a roof of frosted brownish red roof tiles.
Our villas are all built in a traditional TORBAY residence style. Richly ornamented with stone carving and splendid wood carving.
All window frames and doors are made of massive teakwood. There are many options to choose from for finishing off the ceilings and a vast variety of choices in materials to use.
A fully equipped kitchen, a luxurious or original Asian bathroom, and on top of that ready to use TV, telephone and internet connections will make you feel right at home. All bedrooms are equipped with air conditioning. You only have to add the furniture to your choice.
At the delivery of the villa, the garden will be completely laid out including a swimming pool, designed to the size and shape of your likings.