Services : Power Transmission & Evaluation

Spanned Transmission
Through many years of experience TORBAY has extended product- and application knowledge of spanned transmission, for OEM as well as MRO.
Our sales-engineers base their advice about the best realization for your transmission on the character of the load and environmental factors. A broad range of belts, pulleys, split tapered bushings and flexible couplings is available, each with its own specific feature.
Solutions and Services
• Advice and (re)calculation of the proper dimensioning of an open transmission;
• Support of engineers in the design phase of an industrial or machine transmission;
• Client specific pulleys, CNC machining and surface treatment;
• Client specific belt coating and carriers for transport belts;
• Competent assembly, restoration and maintenance with energy savings advice.
Gear motors and frequency converter
TORBAY offers mechanical engineering vision, high quality electrical knowledge and a sense for automation. We offer quick and easy alternatives and smart solutions for the restoration and development of electric motors, gear motors and gear boxes.
The modular programme for gear motors and frequency controllers offer tailor-made combinations for your transmission. The measurements of all series are exchangeable with the common brands. This, in combination with high quality and a good price makes the programme interesting for constructors and end users.
Solutions and Services
• A very broad application area in the industry;
• Creative design and smart combinations for the machine construction;
• Variation possibilities and smart combinations for compact 1st assembly;
• Fast supply and competent assembly;
• Competent conditioning, monitoring, maintenance, restoration, service and overhaul.
Lineair power transmission and motion-control
TORBAY focuses on the development, engineering, assembly and sales of electrical and mechanical components and customized linear motion and motion control systems. Our skilled employees can provide you with advice. Your drive problem is our challenge
Our in-house electronics, software and mechanical engineers provide you with technical advice and engineering services. While designing and developing of products your Total Cost of Ownership are kept in mind.