Procurement : Procurement Management

TORBAY's Procurement Management is part of a fully integrated financial management system solution that supports, automates and standardizes all stages of the indirect purchasing and procurement cycle - from requisitioning to paying vendors. These include: the initial identification of a need for products and services; expenditure approval; electronic data and information exchange with suppliers; goods delivery; expediting and inspection; invoice matching and payment settlement.
As the first to market a solution, TORBAY delivers a comprehensive and streamlined approach to Services Procurement Management. An extension of our time-tested Contingent Workforce Management programs, our SPM process includes a thorough assessment of your current policies and practices, RFX workflows, project management, project analytics and vendor performance. Year over year, TORBAY gives you more to ensure you are always receiving more value and return on your original investment

Our procurement management system is designed for organizations that want to control costs and streamline their procurement practices without sacrificing control - equally suited for both centralized and de-centralized purchasing processes. It enables procurement managers to move away from operational, day-to-day tasks and instead focus on managing and negotiating stronger supplier relationships, scrutinizing spend and purchase decisions, to ultimately evolve the procurement function from a cost- to a profit-centre.