Procurement : Materials Management

Materials play an increasingly critical role in the profitability of your business operation. TORBAY is perfectly positioned to provide you with a tailored solution which has been designed with adherence to international norms; to satisfy your material tracking needs now and in the future.
This exhaustive module not only tracks movement of materials as defined based on the business of the user, but also has the facility to generate auto escalations to the relevant Departmentals to report anomalies. Your material ordering quantities can now be monitored as this module enables the tracking of quantities of materials on hand and also assigns an employee responsibility to every asset.

The singular focus of TORBAY is to deliver significant improvements in the ability of Industries facilities, networks, and other organizations to optimize the processes and work flows associated with Industrial material management information systems and reduce the costs related to inventory and supply chain management. Our MM module supporting solutions starts from Data collections; provide the logical framework for Structuring and Validation of material information finally populating the Enriched and Enhanced Material master information into client ERP.
TORBAY provides experienced Materials Analyst, and Supply-chain specialists in the various industrial sectors, on contract to meet clients’ short term and long-term goals. TORBAY extends its international experience and knowledge in the technology and practices provides a wide range of services to the inventory management.