Water Proofing Systems

  TORBAY is a pleasure introducing our self as an organisation dedicated in providing complete solution for Water proofing services.
We have grown to be the number 1 when it comes to waterproofing and insulation especially the most innovative type of roof waterproofing nowadays which we call "Spray Polyurethane Foam" (SPF) Roofing System.
I am certain that we can offer you an unparalleled service, on time and at extremely competitive pricing.
Quality Policy
  Improvement of the customers satisfaction as one of the most important to business management.
  We are committed to continually improve our system through implementation of Quality Management System
We are the most prominent company that is presenting effective Epoxy Floor Coating. Our Epoxy Floor Coating is simple to apply due to which its demand is increasing in the market.
This unique Epoxy Floor Coating is used in diverse industrial & commercial applications.
Specialized Coating
With the assistance of our highly experienced team of professionals, we are occupied in offering superior quality Coating
Keeping in mind the precise demands of clients, we offer a wide range of specilized Coating.
Roof, wet area & substructure Water proofing
With rich domain expertise, we are providing Waterproofing Service. These services are rendered by our highly experienced professionals using latest technological advancements as per the industry norms.
We are committed to provide these services with an aim to render complete satisfaction of clients.
Industrial flooring
As the leading specialist industrial flooring contractor in the GCC area, TORBAY Waterproofing has unparalleled experience when it comes to floors on any size project. We specialise in large industrial buildings, factories, hospitals, shopping malls, hangars etc.
EIFS System
The professional team of ROOF CARE provides perfect solution for water proofing and Thermal Insulation requirement of all types of roof whether it is RCC Flat Roof, Metal Roof, the slope roof or the roof garden. We provide quality assured, sustainable solutions for your roof.
Polyurethane foam insulation system
Polyurethane spray foam (SPF) is one of the best methods for waterproofing and insulation and TORBAY is considered to be the foremost contractor specialising in this field. With millions of square meters of roofing covered.
Roof Insulation
Our unique energy saving roof insulation system cuts your roof temperature by up to 40% saving running time on your air conditioning etc.
The TORBAY revolutionary roof insulation energy saving technology guarantees to cut your energy costs plus the cost of your air conditioning equipment & maintenance.
Concrete Repair
If your buildings are in need of concrete repair on floors, supports, balconies, roofs, columns or beams or whatever, TORBAY can carry out the entire concrete repair to the most exacting standards.
This has earned the company an excellent reputation and thus forged long term relationship with its customers.
Fire Coating
Fire-resistant coating means painting on the surface, to prevent fires, prevent the spread or isolate the source of fire, to extend the time or increase the base fire insulation properties to postpone the time of a class of structural damage paint.
Building fire fire is an important area of science and technology and fire resistance coating fire proof building materials is an imporatant part.The fundamental purpose of passive fire protection is to prevent the spread of smoke and fire and thus prevent / reduce the amount of damage to the structure or substrate in case of a fire.
ComBo Roofing Water proofing System

Combo roof system forms a monolithic, seamless insulation cum waterproofing layer with high thermal resistance

1. Application of Polyfoam directly on the Roof Slab
2. U.V. Protection Coating over the Polyfoam
3. Flood test over the polyfoam
4. Making Ridge panels to make slope
5. Fiber Reinforced Screed Concreting
6. After the finishing of concrete
7. Polyflex wear resistant, UV resistant, waterproofing top coat
    over screed concrete.
Waterproofing Membrane System

We are providing waterproofing services to our customers. These services are rendered by a team of well experienced professional
who have years of experience in offering these as per the client's requirement. For more details kindly contact us.
The offered waterproofing membrane is made of a layer of 100 micron HMHDPE covered with 2 layers of polymeric bitumen on the
both sides. This waterproofing membrane is ideally used for waterproofing treatment by making the structure heat, water and cold resistant.

Chemical resistance
Supreme dimensional stability
Enhanced cold flexibility
Resistance to atmospheric corrosion
High softening point and high penetration
High elongation Flexibility at very low temperature
APP Modified felt with 100 micron HMHDPE Reinforcement
Method of Application:
  • Clean the surface to make it smooth.
  • Apply a coat of Bengal Primer @ 0.3 liters per sqm on the clean surface.
  • This should be followed by a coat of hot applied Bengal Bitumen 85/25 @ 1.2 kg per spm
  • Lay and press Bengal Polyflex on the hot bitumen.
  • A minimum overlap of 100 mm is recommended between the two rolls of membrane to be sealed with blown bitumen.
  • Bengal Aquaflex is to be topped with screen or tiles as the case may be.

Crack Injection Work

Water-carrying cracks in concrete building components are sealed by TORBAY’s crack filling by injection (cracks occur naturally
in concrete building components).
The crack is sealed by the injection (insertion of liquid waterproofing substances into the construction material) of special resin - moisture
can no longer penetrate to the interior of the building.

The problem: cracks in concrete building components
Water-carrying cracks in concrete building components can, in the long term, lead to undesirable odours, a bad room climate, or even mould
attack in interior rooms, which endangers your health.
Setting the drill channels
Masking the crack and inserting the pressure injectors
Injection of the TORBAY special resin